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Thread: MS Office "12" Beta: Version expired

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    Angry MS Office "12" Beta: Version expired

    Hi everyone!

    I've installed ms office "12" beta a few weeks ago. Meantime I've set up various documents with the new version of Word. Most of the documents I saved under the extension ".docx".
    When I opened word today a message, which contained the information, that the beta version would be expired, appreared. Hence all commands in word, except printing to pdf are blocked.
    Can anybody tell me how to get the information, that is stored within the document, out to edit it in word 2003. Copy/Past isn't possible.
    And after a print to pdf a copy/past action totally screws up the entire format.
    I hope someone has an idea.
    So far.


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    I'd save your documents in the .docx format to some media, USB, CDR etc...

    THen I would completely uninstall OFfice. IF you have to, use system restore, and then try to reinstall Office 12 beta.

    Also they recently released a second beta... perhaps you should try to get that.

    If that doesn't work, try the office beta online:

    That should give you access to your .docx files. Then simply open them, click file at the top, and save as.

    Then select WOrdXP/2003 .doc format to save the files as .doc files instead of the .docx format.

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    In the recent issue of PCWorld there is an article regarding the new office formats, and the patch that is out there, for the older version of word (office) to be able to use them.

    I do not have access to the issue right now, but the cover features what appears to be a "pad lock" on it.

    I will try and see if I can get a hold of the issue and post the link information.

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    u just adjust ur system clock back ur problem will be solved

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