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Thread: Why Windows XP takes so long to shut down

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    Why Windows XP takes so long to shut down


    We all have been there. It is 4:55 and you want to get out of work...But you want to make sure your system is shutdown for the night. You dutifully close all of your applications and start shutting down

    5 minutes later it *finally* powers off

    It happens to more machines that it should. I decided to see what the problem might be. I searched google, forums, and newsgroups for an answer. The biggest culprit is a problem unloading the current users profile.

    This can happen when third party, or even Microsoft applications have not properly cleaned up when exiting. Windows will keep trying to unload the profile until Windows finally decides that it can't and should shutdown. Even if you find the application causing the problem - it may be impossible to do anything about it.

    This is why Microsoft released the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service.

    This free utility automatically cleans up user profiles and prevents you from playing the timeout wait game.

    Once you run the setup wizard it will look like the installer did nothing. If you open up your services list (Click start, then run and type services.msc now click ok), you will see that a new service is running in the background:

    The idea of this program is to reclaim resources when a task is finished (memory, handles, etc). It accomplishes this by monitoring for users to log off and verifying that unused resources are reclaimed. This approach is superior as it works for any known reason that profiles do not unload and also will keep working to address new unknown issues.

    Now when you go to shutdown, logoff or restart it will happen within seconds. Instead of minutes.

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    I heard this fix can mess with software from third party vendors especially games. That's why I haven't used it yet. Can anyone confirm that this program works?

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    It's hell on cisco's VPN client software.

    Many thanks to egghead for the cool .sig

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    Hey guys,I was just wondering if anyone has had any trouble using MSN messenger 8 and skype after installing this?I installed it the other day because like others my XP takes a few minutes to shut down.After i installed i tryed to use both MSN and skype.When in skype calls i get kicked after a time that seems to vary from seconds to around 10 minutes i also notice that MSN seeems to kick me offline at the same moment.I uninstalled this service but the problem now plagues me.All was working fine before installing this service

    I havent installed any new software other then 3 windows updates so i dont know what else could be causing the problem.

    Just for reference the windows updates were-
    MS06-036: A vulnerability in the DHCP Client Service could allow remote code execution
    MS06-035: Vulnerability in Server service could allow remote code execution
    Stop error message on a Windows XP-based computer: "STOP 0x000000D1"

    I just did a system rewstore to the day before i installed hive cleanup but i notice the windows updates and other new updates i installed for skype yesterday and firefox yesterday remained.Hope it fixes the issue.
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    Yes, it does work. Just last year my shutdown took a crazy 3 mins to complete. Searched for a soultion on MSKB and it led me to this programme. I installed it and used it to create system log files that show which are the programmes that cause this shutdown problem rather than get it to shutdown the programme itself. Shutdown the computer with one more 3 min shutdown, restarted, looked at the event log files and found it was Creative Control Panel! Then I used MSConfig to shutdown this programme, and problem solved and uninstalled UPHC as it had warned it might cause confilct.

    I recommend using it to pinpoint the programmes that cause trouble then take steps to remedy it yourself. It requires full admininstrator power to install so unless you have such power over your office computer then you'll have to talk to the IT admin.
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