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Thread: MS Word and Address Book Problem

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    MS Word and Address Book Problem

    How can I fix a problem whereby my Windows Address Book,
    as well as the Address Book in Outlook and Outlook Express
    shows the correct entries, but when I open MS Word 2002
    and go to Envelopes, click on the Address Book, some entrires
    that I know are in the above address books do not show up in Word
    or are incorrect .... It looks like Word is looking at the Windows Address
    Book (.wab)

    I have even tried adding the entry in Word for the address book
    and it still won't show.

    XP Home ED SP1A and most updates ... Office has latest SP3

    Where exactly is the file that Word looks at for the contact list
    used for Letters & Mailings ? ?

    What type of file does it want or which works best ? ? ?

    Outlook or Outlook Express ? ? ... would prefer Outlook

    Where are the files for Outlook or Outlook Express ? ?

    Thanks for help

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    You could try exporting the Address book using Outlook or Outlook express to a .csv file. Then try to use the new exported address file in word.

    I am using a Japanese OS now so I cannot test out what problem you are having otherwise I would be able to give more detailed advice.

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    I have tried that ... but I am not sure yet Where
    Microsoft Word looks for the File ... What directory
    should it be in ?

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    "By default, the address list is saved in the My Data Sources folder. It's best to keep the address list here because this is also the default folder in which Microsoft Word looks for data sources. So if you want to use this address list in a later mail merge, you won't have to navigate through files and folders to locate it. "

    When you create a new address list this is the folder it defaults to save it in and the default file type is Microsoft Office Address List (*.mdb)

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