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Thread: Windows Live Messenger issue - [FIXED]

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    Windows Live Messenger issue - [FIXED]

    Hey guys,
    Today i recieved this e-mail from MSN.

    Hello! The wait is over because were knocking down the wall! Now with Windows Live Messenger, you can talk to your Yahoo! contacts. Forget needing multiple accounts to talk to all your friends--you can see when theyre online and communicate with them from one place.

    You must click the link below in order to participate in this beta. After you sign up, add your friends Yahoo! addresses to your contact list and start typing!

    Try It

    Want to know more?

    Check out Windows Live Ideas for more info on this new feature of Windows Live Messenger, and the latest on other services too.


    The Windows Live™ Messenger team

    P.S. IF you have trouble while you're signing up for the beta, or need help, go to If you want to leave us feedback, you can either go to our blog at or to
    After clicking the link to sign up for this beta i can no longer sign into Windows Live messenger on my account,note that my second account that i did not sign up for this works fine.When attepting to sign in with the troubled account i get the error code 8100030D which seems to be non existant on there help site.

    After some quick google searches it seems i am not the only one to have this problem.One person said they fixed it by "unenrolling" in the yahoo beta.However i can't seem to find where and how to do this.If anyone out there has a clue please let me know.The account that has the issue is also my main account which i pay for so this is a problem.Also note i contacted MSN but so far no response.Thanks

    I finally found out how to shut this off on the Windows Live idea's site.Turning off the new yahoo feature solved my problem so this topic can be closed.Word of advice,i wouldn't even try this crap yet as it did nothing but cause problems.Most people will say the error code 8100030D is related to using Zone alarm and shutting down ZA will fix this issue which as i tested was not the case.Thankfully i don't know many people who use yahoo but it was just one of those nice to have things.For the time being i don't recommend using it.
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    good advice !

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