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Thread: Window Xp Home Problem

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    Arrow Window Xp Home Problem

    Hi All,
    I need i have problem WINDOW XP HOME.when i go to the repair WINDOW XP HOME then i got this message.
    [Files Needed]

    The file 'Asms' on Windows XP Professional CD-ROM is needed. Type the path where the file is located, and then click OK.[/COLOR]
    i find help for this topic but i dont know which file i have delete.plz if anyone knows anything help me and if anyone
    knows another idea tell me.plz explain abt this topic bcoz i cant understnad plz help me.Thx Very much.
    Microsoft ask me to do that but i cant understand :-;EN-US;Q311755

    Hard disk formatted with NTFS file system
    If the hard disk is formatted with the NTFS file system and you are upgrading an earlier version of Windows, use one of the following methods.
    Method 1
    Warning If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that you can solve problems that result from using Registry Editor incorrectly. Use Registry Editor at your own risk.1. When you receive the error message, press SHIFT+F10 to start a command session.
    2. Type regedit.exe, and then press ENTER.
    4. On the File menu, click Load Hive, and then load %Windir%\System32\Config\System.sav.
    5. When you are prompted to specify a name, type Test.
    6. Locate and then click the following key:
    7. Delete the UPPERFILTERS and LOWERFILTERS registry keys.
    8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the other ControlSet# keys under the Test hive.
    9. Click File, and then click Exit to quit Registry Editor.
    10. If the path in the error message is the correct drive letter for the CD-ROM drive, click OK to continue the Setup program.
    11. If you receive the error message again, the Setup program cannot correctly read from the CD-ROM drive, or the path information is incorrect. In this case, restart your computer and let the Setup program resume.

    Method 2
    If you cannot start Regedit.exe at the command prompt, and there is another available partition where you can install Windows on the hard disk, follow these steps: 1. Install Windows in the other partition.
    2. Start the new installation of Windows, and then start Regedit.exe.
    3. Follow the steps in method 1, but load the System.sav hive from the original Windows folder.

    Method 3
    If you are not using a retail Windows XP CD-ROM with a hologram (for example, if you are using a burned CD-ROM), try to run the Setup program from a retail CD-ROM with a hologram. To verify this, start the computer by using Recovery Console, and then check the C:\$win_nt$.~ls folder. Look for the Asms folder. If the folder is missing or the files that it contains are zero bytes, the CD-ROM was not burned correctly.

    For additional information about how to use Recovery Console, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    307654 ( HOW TO: Install and use the Recovery Console in Windows XP .
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    The first problem that I see, is that you appear to be attempting attempting to repair xp home with procedures for repair of xp professional. There is no upgrade path from xp pro to xp home. I find no procedure for troubleshooting asms in xp home. There is an upgrade path from xp home to xp pro. There is no path xp pro to xp home. Therefore, I do not beleive you will have any success with the procedure you are attempting to use.

    If I am not understanding the problem, please provide more info.
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    I run into this alot too. Trying to change something in a legimate XP Home OS, it asks for an XP Pro disc to be inserted. The last time I was trying to enable a function in one of the included word processors. What Gives? DRB

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    Arrow B4 i have this problem.......

    Thx for help me.b4 i have this problem i click on this message and then pc go to re-start


    so i go the computer center thay install new window for me after i go to the repair then i got this problem.i change the cd but same problem.Thx.

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    Try that suggestion:

    Apart from one small change, instead of Comctl32.Dll, use SHLWAPI.DLL instead in the instructions.

    That may solve your problem then again, this problem could be caused by faulty hardware, a damaged XP CD, or something else totally different.

    Take it a step at a time, try as many suggestions as you can until you get it solved.

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