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Thread: Problems with WMP 9 Build 2848

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    Problems with WMP 9 Build 2848

    OK. Thanks Egghead for your suggestion of a new thread.

    Anyways, my computer at work...i manage about 6 PCs at a a Dell Dimension 4100 1.1GHz P3 with 512MB SDRAM, 20GB HD, DSL connection, External CD-RW, Internal CD-ROM, Creative 128 Sound, and nVidia MX200 video.

    The problem is with Build 2848, that whenever I try to look up album information or artist information, the program crashes completely. I'm hesitant to install it on my home Dell Dimension 4500 with 1.8GHz P4, 384MB RAM, DSL, and 120GB Hard Drive.

    PLEASE respond with any suggestions!

    Thank you so much.

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    heres something you can read while waiting for someone to answer
    it has a faq on wmp7 crashing and might give you some ideas as to whats happening on your machine


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