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Thread: CCAPP at shutdown

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    Question CCAPP at shutdown


    I have just had my machine (newish) cleaned off completely, Win XP reinstall, and a new, packaged Norton installed.

    At shutdown, I get CCAPP error and 'end now' option etc. Then it closes itself and shuts down OK.

    I've looked around and some sites (those sellng reg cleaners of various sorts) say there may be a registry error and to disable CCAPP.

    The Symantec site says CCAPP is essential to running Norton - do NOT disable CCAPP.


    Do I have a problem? The geeks who did the clean-down & reinstall say no, but I am concerned.


    (Sorry if this has been dealt with elsewhere but I can't find this Q on here.)

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    The Symantec site says CCAPP is essential to running Norton - do NOT disable CCAPP.
    I guess it comes down to what "geeks" to believe, the ones @Symantec or the one that cleaned your PC....I side with the geeks @Symantec

    Uninstall Norton and reinstall, maybe that will help.

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    Open Norton and run LiveUpdate. Let it install any updates it finds.

    "ccApp.exe is not responding"

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    I have used Norton since around 2001 and have always gotten this as well seems to always pop up with that end now message on shutdown.More of an annoyance then anything.Norton can be a system hog but so far its been the best antivirus i used so i think it's worth the small annoyance.

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