I was wondering if anyone knows how the list of recently accessed documents in Windows95-XP functions? Experience suggests that there is simply a special folder somewhere containing shortcuts to documents you access - is this orrect or is it done through the registry or some special file?

In any case, is it possible to actually edit this - removing or adding items for instance? If you have sensitive files (work documents / dodgy stuff!) or are just a privacy freak you might not want other people sharing your PC to know about some files you've accessed - but it's inconvenient to keep clearing the history and wiping the list completely?
When you have multiple users and you have to actually log in, does each user have their own recent list or is it global?

As a side question, lots of applications list the last N files you've opened. I assume this is actually part of the program itself rather than Windows? Do such programs keep lists per-user or globally? It's pretty pointless hiding "secret_document.doc" from the recent files list in the start menu if it's going to show up in Word's own recent list!