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Thread: HTTP 302 redirects to ?ABCDEFGH

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    HTTP 302 redirects to ?ABCDEFGH

    Could somebody explain to me this situation? I've got a site hosted on a linux server (by Godaddy, btw, just read BigBooger's thread about it ), and it behaves strange.

    When I try to get some pages that are on the server, it sometimes gives back a HTTP 302 response and redirects the browser on a same page, but with a query string "?ABCDEFGH". I wonder what's that? For example, if I try to load, say doc.html, it redirects to doc.html?ABCDEFGH.

    Why is that?
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    HTTP 302 is URL Rewriting, something like redirect.
    You could probably check your .htaccess file if there is one in your directory.
    For more information, you can refer to

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