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Thread: win xp crash report/memory dump to ms

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    Question win xp crash report/memory dump to ms

    When a program crashes in win xp a memory dump is generated and can be sent to ms if you select Send. You can change the size of the memory dump that will be sent. This memory dump file can be viewed but not highlighted or copied to the clipboard for analysis like it could in win 98.

    The file that is listed in a temporary directory is available, and can be saved or copied, until the error info is sent or not. It then disappears. It is a html file and only contains info about what programs are running.

    Does anybody know where the memory dump file is located or how it can be copied and used for debugging purposes? It would be much more useful to the program writers than to ms.
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    This site may or may not help you. Have a read and report back if it does or doesn't work.
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