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    Group Policy Editor?

    I am wondering if anyone has tried editing the group policy before? Is there any way so that I can have a group policy for a particular group, but not all the users (administrators, power users and other users) sharing the same policy?

    e.g. I would like to hide the C: for users but not the administrators which I used to set it in gpedit.msc console.

    I would also like to know if there will be a way to edit or customise the group policy applied to a particular predefined user group, e.g. powerusers, as I have no idea to know about what rights and restrictions they have.
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    You can do all that, that's what it's for. However the container object that gp is applied to is an organisation unit (OU) so you have to make an OU for your members and add them to it then apply the GP to the OU. GP is applied in a hierarchy of Local, Site, Domain, OU so you can also arrange your GPs so different GPs only are used in one OU while others are domain or site wide.

    OUs at user levels are usually split up into things like IT, Accounts, Managers - along the same line as groups would be anyway, by department. If you deny anyone READ on the policy it will not be applied to them.
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