As you know, when you access "Set Program Access and Defaults" through the start menu, the "Program Access and Defaults" window pops up.

The Window has four icons on the left hand side, "Change or Remove Programs", "Add new Programs" and so on. Each Icon consists of a small corresponding identifying picture as well.

My problem is that when I call up the "Set Program Access and Defaults" window, the little pictures/icons are there but the descriptive fonts are not, such as "Change or Remove Programs", "Add new Programs" and so on, so that only the four pics/icons are present.

The window still lists the programs on the right hand side and the "Set Program Access and Defaults" window works fine otherwise. The missing descriptive fonts appears to be the only problem with it.

Before this problem came up, I had installed Ewido spyware, it worked fine and I uninstalled it after running a check just to try it.

I can't see that being the problem though. Anyway can I restore (sorry system restore is turned off on my PC so I can't go back) these fonts otherwise, I will just have to remember what each little icon picture does, not that it's that difficult either.

Thanks in advance