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Thread: strange problem with outlook express and windows picture view--very strange

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    strange problem with outlook express and windows picture view--very strange

    Hi, i was hoping someone could help with a rather strange problem: Whenever I receive an e-mail picture attachment it opens in "windows picture and fax viewer." No problem there. However, the viewer seems to be picking up all images from "temporary internet files" and displays them on the viewer as you scroll through them. Any suggestions? Everything is up to date with no viruses or spyware on my computer. How can I fix this?

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    The reason it picks up all the files from the Temp internet files, is AFAIK, the outlook express pictures are stored there. So when it opens it, opens in that folder.

    I am not sure but I think you can fix this by changing the location of the temp folder in outlook express... but I am not sure if this is possible. If it is, it should be in the settings of outlook express.

    Once you change the folder then you'll only see images from outlook express rather than all the junk from the temporary internet files.

    However I think outlook express and internet explorer share the same settings so I don't know if this is possible.

    One other way I know of to fix this is to install a third party app like Adobes Album and let it become the default program. It may then correct this problem for you.

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    I would add thought that it is not a problem, and it is not strange. That is the behaviour that the program was designed with.
    Windows Fax and Picture viewer lets you scroll thru the pictures in a working folder (like several other programs do as well).
    If you don't want to see the rest of the pictured of the temp folder, either do not scroll thru the picture, use a different program, or save the pictures to a folder of your chosing before opening.
    I would like to note also, that no program can scroll thru the pictures in a email message if you don't save them before, so if you get 5 pictures in an email, and open one, you cannot scroll to the next, you will actually have to open the other 4 pictures as well one by one (or save them).
    From helpdesk experience, also note that the attachments are saved temporary (as the name of the folder says) and is not a good location to keep. I have a user that lots several files because she was opening the attachments and then savin in the current folder instead to save to another folder.
    Adding a extra bit of information too, McAfee (enterprise) for example, will not let you open attachments from the temp folder. You have to save the attachment before, and then open it. The reason for this is to ensure it is scanned with the antivirus, and it is usually a good practice. Make a folder called attachments for example, where you will save the attachments before opening and later you delete them as you don't need them anymore.

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