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Thread: Outlook 2003 Calendar sharing

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    Outlook 2003 Calendar sharing

    Tryin to help a Buddy out with this but not finding much good info. I realize that according to MS to accomplish Outlook Calendar sharing, the systems must be on MS Exchange. These systems are not on Exchange Servers. ISP email only.

    I have found several pay apps that reportedly let non-exchange email accts share the Outlook calendar but I was hoping to find something free.

    All they really want to do is to share their calendars with each other, no folder sharing or anything else. Does anyone know of or can recommend a stable, free app to accomplish this? It's for a very small business and must be reliable.

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    Publishing full calendar information

    One limitation of using the Internet Free/Busy service is that you cannot see the full details of an individual's appointment, nor can you effectively see more than two weeks of free/busy time at a glance within the meeting request. Outlook has a nifty feature that can create a Web page for you automatically which contains a full calendar view for the dates you specify, along with the full appointment details.

    To publish your calendar, click Save as Web Page on the File menu while in your Calendar view. In the dialog box, you can specify the date range and a background graphic, amongst other things. After you choose a file location, your Calendar Web page is good to go! Just publish it to your ISP's Web server or a shared location on your network, and your schedule is readily available for viewing by anyone with access. However, this information is read-only to others and does not get automatically updated when your appointments change. You'll need to republish your calendar periodically whenever you make modifications.

    Note Publishing your calendar requires that you have the Web Publishing Wizard installed. You can download the wizard from the Microsoft Download Center.

    For more information, see Publishing Outlook Calendars on the Internet or an Intranet.

    How about something like that? I know it is not exactly what you are looking for but it does sound free, and does seem to do what they need done.

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    Free usable groupware is a rare beast indeed, in outlook 2000 it could be done with a special folder sharing feature, it's not in 2003 though. If their PSTs are in a shared network folder they can open each others but it's all very sad, an ancient copy of exchange 5.5 from Ebay might be the answer, I picked one up for £11 - Enterprise no less. Exchange 5.5 is still useable.
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    A fast easy way to share is to create a calendar for each user on each machine. The users can then export there calendars to the local server and others can then import them. I know that this is not ideal, but it is free and it does work. The only thing is that everyone needs to take the couple of secounds every so often to reexport, so the calendars stay as up to date as possible.

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