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Thread: Pedophilia! The Mark Foley Game

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    Red face Pedophilia! The Mark Foley Game

    Can you close all those pedophile's popup IM messages? Mark Foley is hitting you up hard with IM after IM. Can you go the distance and become the ultimate Congressional Page?

    Pedophilia! The Mark Foley Game :: By Kurt Margenau website

    This week since 4sg was only two people, we decided to tackle a current event issue. This week's theme was Mark Foley. I felt really dirty having to re-type some of the words that appear in this game. It's pretty disgusting.

    Here is Max's Foley game: Messenger

    Source code: MarkFoley Aim Quotes textObject

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    That's just wrong - funny - but wrong.

    Many thanks to egghead for the cool .sig

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