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Thread: MechCommander : Full game, download free!!

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    Lightbulb MechCommander : Full game, download free!!

    Here you will find downloads of the MechCommander games and other software relating to these games.

    These are the complete versions of each game and do not contain any spyware / malware.

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to the massive popularity of these files, they are now available only through BitTorrent. If you do not know how to use BitTorrent, please ask in our forums.

    To download, install and play MechCommander, please follow the simple step by step instructions below. An attempt was made to offer an all-in-one installer, but this had some compatibility issues with GameSpy Arcade so the below installation method was devised instead. Contact a member of staff from the Help page if you need assistance.

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    i like when they release full version games before the newer versions... a great way to get into a game

    Does anyone have new links for the downloads, i think they've pulled this promotion
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    The page is down, with a message from the root
    SORRY!, and are temporarily
    offline due to a server failure. We are working hard on the
    problem and hope to be in operation soon.

    Ryster out.

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