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Thread: XP Ugrade resellable?

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    XP Ugrade resellable?

    I purchased the Windows XP Upgrade for my old system. I installed the upgrade and liked the functionality then decided to go all out with upgrades! I purchased a new P4 motherboard and processor and am building a new system. In the process I learned that my old system was on RESTORE disks therefore I could not transfer my XP Upgrade to the new system. I will be selling my old system and intend to take it back to original configuration from the RESTORE disks which was Windows ME.

    My question is can I now sell my Windows XP Upgrade to someone locally? It will not be installed on the system I am getting rid of and I have purchased the full version for my new system. I did install and register it to my old machine but it will no longer be on there and I would have better success selling it separate if it could still be installed and registered?

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    Hello and welcome to the forum ruup2it. Please post often as we like a .challenge.......

    I think I would leave XP on the system you are going to sell. I say this because my luck with ME is not good. Selling your old system with XP should make an easier sell for you. I know this does not tell you how to get around activation of XP but it might help your predicament..

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    Your copy of XP has already been activated with your old PC's hardware. I am assuming that you have activated your copy. If this is so, you will not be able to use that same copy of XP on another PC for it will refuse to be activated.

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