Latest version 2.7 released!
The current & latest version of the SlaYer's Auto-Installer is version 2.7
It was released on October 31th, 2006 - EXE File Size: 229,732,092 bytes
Official release filename is: SlaYers_EvoX_Auto-Installer_v2.7FINAL.exe
The Extract Unlock Password for this release is: sevx2.7
EXE Authentic MD5 Hash is: 5180A3586B5DF857B37A49CB7E3864F1
See our Forum for support and additional information on locating it.
The updated comprehensive documentation uses Adobe PDF 5.0 for backwards compatibility, it can be downloaded from our downloads section.
A bit late (Oct. 31st), but I decided to go ahead and install this. Works great. All the apps are updated and cleaned up. I like it and think it's one of the easiest ways to get your Xbox pimped out with loads of software, a dashboard and some wicked tools with one or two clicks.

To download the soft:

visit the forums, (signup required). Then go to the 2.7 section and you'll find:

[NEW] SlaYer's EvoX Auto-Installer version 2.7 (no SoftMod support!)

Click that,

Then find:

Click it.

And there you will find the information on how to download this amazing software from their IRC servers.

If that doesn't tickle your fancy, and you'd rather get it via torrent look no further:

That's the one I downloaded. Works great on my Xbox. Now I can enjoy watching Apple Trailers from the sofa in XBMC, I can copy my games to the HDD for faster operation, and there's just so much more that can be done with this mod/soft installed.

Take a look at the PDF that comes bundled with Slayers Auto-Installer:

Slayer's Auto-Installer 2.7 PDF Guide (400KB+)