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Thread: Old Game bargains

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    Old Game bargains

    Someone had started a thread about the lak of new PC games out there and while reading it I realized that I had not bought a new game in several years.

    The reason being is because I often find great older games in bargain bins at various stores. My latest finds were;

    Codename Panzers - Phase 1 - $10.00 Canadian ($8.00 US)
    Medal of Honor-Pacific Assault - $10.00 Canadian ($8.00 US)
    Commandos 3 - $10.00 Canadian ($8.00 US)

    And I found all of these at a grocery store (in Canada) brand new, factory
    sealed. Before these finds, I got Blitzkreig 2, for $8.00 Canadian ($6.00 US)
    by the time I get through these games I will likely be able to pick up some of today's games cheaper to.

    Of course these were the games I choose to buy, the bargain bind was filled with many, many more. Check some of the bargain bins at stores every once in a while you may find a real treasure in there.

    My best find, was Codename Panzers - Phase 1. As I loved Phase 2, and was just about to buy Phase 1, through an online dealer, for $15.00 US before I found it here.

    Anybody else ever pick up a game they always wanted on the cheap?


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    Awesome post. Those bargain bins are the place to shop for deals. Walmart has tons of these, and if you just wait 6 months to a year you can pick up awesome games for next to nothing.

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