Is there a safe way to remove Windows (XP) messenger?
Even before I attempt to remove it, should I remove it?

Despite the fact that it loads up on start up and that it is integrated with Outlook Express, I am under the assumption that it if I removed it, it would not screw up my Outlook Express or XP OS in general.

It's not active and it just sits there in my task bar, the two big headed, bloated people icon with the red/white X through them. It isn't hampering anything, I am just thinking that if I don't use it, why have it (I haven't used it ever, and I've had XP since it was released).

So, if it won't wreck any other program, how do I get rid of it.

Thanks in advance, Halder.

One other thing, one of the moderators here had a sig once of a CD broken in half and inserted into a A Drive (Floppy Disk drive), with the caption "Insert Disk into Drive" or something like that, I laughed my head off when I saw it, where can I download that picture?