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Thread: player problem

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    Unhappy player problem

    Hi there,
    Recently my windows XP faced some problems on openning the player's program. here is some error messenges shown:

    Error Code: 00002711
    Unable to load file --*.IMP.
    please uninstall and reinstall program

    Error signature
    AppName: powerdvd.exe AppVer: ModName: cldshowx.dll
    ModVer: Offset: 0001274d

    Windows Media Player
    Windows Media Player cannot play the file. This can occur when another program or operating system component encounters a problem but does not communicate the nature of the program to the Player.

    i try to unistall and reinstall the program but the same problems still occured.
    so... what can i do? now, only the Real Player can work. other medai format all cannot run.... help...

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    Do you have this problem with all media files or just certain one's ?

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    Windows Media Player uses the Power DVD encoder or at least in your case, it's trying to. Uninstall and reinstall Power DVD like the 1st part of the message says. Looks like it can't find 1 of it's files.

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    Well Why Didnt You Upgrade To The New Windows Media Player

    Windows Media Player Is Brill,,, If It Dont Work After That ,,, Jus Reinstall Power DVD or Get An Alternate Player (E.g. WinDVD) Or Something Else

    Although WMP11 Doesnt Come With A DVD Decoder, PowerDVD Should Provide The Codecs For It

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