You can configure PowerPoint to enforce or ignore certain punctuation rules. For example, you can tell PowerPoint periods at the end of each sentence in body text. Enforcing punctuation rules is a good way of maintaining consistency within your presentation.

One of the specific rules that can be enforced is requiring all sentences to end with a period. This means PowerPoint will automatically insert a period at the end of a sentence if one is missing. You can configure this punctuation rule using the steps listed below.

1. Open PowerPoint.
2. From the Tools menu, click Options.
3. Click the Spelling and Style tab.
4. Click Check style.
5. Click the Style Options button.
6. Select the check box beside Body punctuation.
7. Use the drop down arrow to select the Paragraphs have consistent punctuation option.
8. Click OK.
9. Click OK to close the Options dialog box.
Another great Lockergnome Newsletter Tip. This one to make periods always appear at the end of each sentence in your powerpoint presentations because punctuation is probably the most proper thing to point on in a power point presentation and periods are periodically a priority if not perfunctory.