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Thread: Linux on the PS3

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    Linux on the PS3

    What do geeks do when confronted with the hottest game console at the moment, one that is going on eBay for many times its list price? Why, they try to install Linux on it of course.

    It just happens that we managed to get our grubby hands on a piano-black Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) and after the initial hoo-ha had died down, we realized the dire lack of things that we could actually do with that expensive machine. Faced with a choice between an atrocious Mobile Suit Gundam: CrossFire or yet another iteration of a racing game like Ridge Racer 7, we turned to the much touted high definition entertainment route instead.

    However, we had a seriously unimpressive House of Flying Daggers Blu-ray disc that didn't look any much better than the DVD version (not to mention that we have watched the movie before and the Blu-ray version was poor on the extra features).

    In short, we had this expensive shiny console coveted by many but there wasn't really any 'killer app' that made us want to turn it on (besides listening to the symphonic music it plays on boot-up). But then saying the PS3 is just a console is like saying football is just a game. We know it's much more than that. For beneath that black hood lies the powerful Cell processor, jointly developed by IBM, Toshiba and Sony. This PowerPC compatible processor is aided by up to 6 RISC processors though eight were originally planned. Since there wasn't any compelling games or movies at the moment, we decided to do something off the beaten track - install Linux of course!
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    Without resorting to sarcasm, would it be possible to put Windows on a PS3 - what is the default OS anyway?

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    Not sure if Windows would work, the PowerPC architecture was used in the MACs G4 and early G5s. So i think its UNIX based....

    PS3 prolly has some real-time OS coded onto the CELL chips (read, some version of Kernal Operating System in reserved memory)...

    others might know more.

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    From what i heard it isnt possible to run windows on the PS3 but someone did manage to run Windows XP through a Linux emulator on PS3 although windows ran very slow.Perhaps in the future who knows.

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