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Thread: Help WMP11 skipping mp3s from my library

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    Help WMP11 skipping mp3s from my library

    Yes microsoft have done an excellent job wid WMP11 and i have been using the final build for sometime now ... just recently i had rearranged files oon my computer such that all the music i had i put them in the same drive under one folder called music (previously it was in 2 drives folders music1 and music2 this was bcos all the music had would not b able to b accomodated into one drive) hence after moving everything i changed the monitored folder from music1 and music2 to music (the drve paths wer correct) On scanning the library changed such that some files wernt able to b located ... hence i thought it was a minor problem i deleted all songs from library (not HDD obv) and then again rescanned the monitored folder .. this gave a very strange library such that many songs wer missing and all albums were incomplete ...
    could someone please help me with ths frustrating problem as i want to use WMP11 and nothing elzz .. cud this b a virus problem also cause my virus scanner found nothing ... ??

    Thanks for the help ...

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