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Thread: Vista/OSX 10.4.8 dual boot on Intel/AMD

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    Lightbulb Vista/OSX 10.4.8 dual boot on Intel/AMD

    There are only two ways to install OSX 10.4.88 legal on your Windows computer:
    1. Become an Apple developer
    2. You can also buy an Intel Mac (I would recommend the Mac Pro!), install Windows XP on it using Appleís Boot Camp and remove OSX completely, so that you have a legally bought osx86 licence. This method isnít confirmed and some people say itís illegal because the EULA says that you arenít allowed to install OSX on non-Apple hardware.
    This means that for most people it is ILLEGAL to install osx on their computer. If you arenít an Apple developer, leave page site now. This site is in no way liable or responsible for the actions of its visitors.
    Read On:

    Outlines how to dual boot Vista and OSX 10.4.8 on an Intel or AMD platform.

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    nice idea... hopefully this gets more automated Hmm... OSX on PC box...

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