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Thread: Modem attempting Direct Connection

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    Angry Modem attempting Direct Connection

    My buddy just called me about a problem he is having with his pc....Every four or five minutes a dialog box opens telling the user that it is attempting a direct connection and the modem attempts dialing....I have no idea what this is or what he could have installed....It is going to be a couple of days before I can spend anytime on his pc so I thought I would throw it out to the techzone crew.....Any ideas before I start on it? Thanks in advance and have a great day all.......


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    Need more information.

    The problem you are describing sounds like a dial-up connection. Is his internet account a dial-up or broadband? If it is broadband, the solution (assuming that he is using XP) would be to enter the Control Panel then Internet Connections. Delete any known erroneous connection. If my guess is right, the good broadband connection remains and the unwanted dial-up connection is now gone.
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    Disable Remote Access Auto Connection Manager Service.

    1. Start > Run > Services.msc
    2. In the right pane, select Remote Access Auto Connection Manager and double click.
    3. In the Startup type list, choose Disabled.
    4. Click Stop, and then click OK.

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    Thank you both for your quick responses....I will have a peek at his pc tomorrow and let you know of my progress....Thanks again and Happy Holidays.....

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