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Thread: Win-XP Help Center request can wipe your HD

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    Win-XP Help Center request can wipe your HD

    Win-XP Help Center request wipes your HD

    A malicious Win-XP Help Center request can easily and silently delete the contents of any directory on your Windows machine, we've learned. Worse, MS has rolled the fix silently into SP1 without making a public announcement.

    Such a command can be in the form of a clickable link in Messenger, so anyone who hasn't already installed the Service Pack 1, should do so A.S.A.P

    The Full Article:The Register

    thanks to DriverHeaven for posting the article
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    A fix for XP if you don't have SP1

    Steve Gibson has created a little utility that will fix the security hole in XP. If you have SP1 you don't need it, if you don't then it never hurts to close security holes.
    The utility is called XPdite and can be found here.


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