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Thread: How to Bathe a Cat

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    How to Bathe a Cat

    We all know that bathing a cat can be hazardous to your skin health. Cats tend to get really pissed off when you put them in water. I've experienced this personally when I tried to wash a cat that had somehow gotten itself into motor oil and no amount of cat licking was going to take off the grime.

    So this person has posted on craigslist two effective methods for getting your kitty spotless. If I were you I'd try both methods and then make a decision as to which is more efficient.

    Learn to Bathe your Kitty:

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    Seems logical to me....

    Though it also will work with a squirrel

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    The toilet version may be a little dangerous for the kitty... As toilet construction varies, there might be a danger that the cat is gone when you lift the seat, depending on the size of the drain... (oops)

    Method #2 would be preferable, I think...

    My cat, a now 6 years old black tom named Zorro, had a funny accident a while back, related to #1.

    My mother was visiting and we were discussing my upcoming project for refurbishing the bathroom, and we were going over the ways of getting everything to fit inside (shower, toilet and furniture all in 1.6x1.8m).

    My mother went to measure something above the toilet with a tape measure. Now, the cat is somehow crazy for tape measures (the spring loaded steel tape ones, that is). As soon as he hears the sound of somebody pulling out a tape measure, he will come running and expect to get to play with the tape. Sure enough, as soon as my mother pulls out the tape measure, the cat takes off, runs like hell to the bathroom, rounds the corner, jumps for the tape measure, and falls into the bowl... Then the cat panics, tries to get out, and eventually succeds and comes out like a rocket with the water spraying around him.

    We didn't see the cat for several hours...

    Here's the cat, by the way...

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    Best luck I've had is to close the shower doors and work slowly to let the cat/dog know that this is going to get done and there is no escape. DRB

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