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Thread: Power point and playing music

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    Power point and playing music

    I have PP 2000 SP-3

    Have a slide show set up and trying to incoeporate music primarily throug a
    mp3 file, (possibly a cd).
    Originally when I tried to get the mp3 to play via ... Insert, music .. I got a msg of some sort saying, can't support or play mp3 file.....j
    Eventually I did get it to play, but is seems to be associated with only one
    of the slides, I'm assumning the one I had up at the time. So when I play the show, no music until it comes to that slide then it plays it, but doesn't go to the
    next slide until the music is done, not what I wanted.

    So here is what I want,
    1) the music to start when the show starts.
    2) how to play mp3 or from a CD
    3) play several mp3's, e.g., one song for the first 10 slides then a different
    song for the next 10, etc....

    Any tips would be appreciated.

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    I am using PP 2007 and there are several options you can choose when setting up a PP presentation with audio. You can choose to play the song across slides, play it looped until stopped, play it automatically or when clicked.

    I am not exactly sure that those options are in PP2000 SP3 however, I think they are.

    Check out the following Word document for more detailed explanations of setting up audio to do some of the things you want done:

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    Thanks I'll check it out

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