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Thread: 10 Things Your Fitness Club Won't Tell You

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    Lightbulb 10 Things Your Fitness Club Won't Tell You

    AOL's Smart Money goes into great detail about the dirty little secrets that Fitness Clubs don't alert you to about the risks of joining a gym. It covers everything from unsafe and unsanitary equipment to theft and liability waivers.


    I've joined a few gyms in my time. Most were very clean with staff that were somewhat knowledgeable. But managers tended to be pushy on selling their goods and services... I was constantly nagged to buy protein bars, shakes and the like... It usually ended in me quitting the gym. I never even thought about getting a bacterial infection, or having my stuff stolen..

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    There have been some problems with gym franchises here is Australia too... the techniques of tricking customers into lengthy contract periods, with expensive cancellation fees!

    My girlfriend signed up for a 28 day free trial, and 10 days into it, got a letter from the gym finance company saying that they've approved her membership for 10 months! We've moved across town, so gym is no good (hence the trial period)... i've been on the phone for 3 days now, trying to cancel it! argh!

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    I have found myself in the same problems, I went to a gym with a friend as a guest and all the suden I a year membership. I never remmber signing any thing other than the guest sign in sheet.

    I know this is an old posting but it fits the current deal lol

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    Awhile back (many years ago) I joined a gym called the Army - instant 4-year membership.

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    Quote Originally Posted by petard View Post
    Awhile back (many years ago) I joined a gym called the Army - instant 4-year membership.
    LMAO.....same gym.

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    and it probably wasn't as clean as the other 1 year membership gyms
    I have bought most of the equipment and I have it all in the basemess (benefit of working on a fitness equipment company)

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