Hey guys! We just joined a great gaming site called GameTap. I'm feeling very nostalgic now that I am able to play Sonic Spinball, Columns, and other great Genesis games I once played with my twin boys when they were younger!

Ah, the days of coming home from work/school, popping the popcorn and going for an all nighter Streets of Rage 3 Marathon! I always played the sexy chic and kicked some major a$$ on that game!

There are some new games there as well, the interface is GREAT! Its cheap too and they give you a free 2 weeks to try it. No long term commitments if you are like us, sometimes we have a lull in the biz and have some free time, sometimes we can hear our bed calling our names!

Check it out if you're an old head like me and want to try the old games you loved, lots of systems to choose from there, even the Commodore 64, talk about MOLDY!!!!

DH is glued to to set now......(have it hooked to the 37 inch and it looks sweet!)

I have to go and remind him that he is still married.....