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Thread: Problem with "Comtrol Panel" icon

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    Unhappy Problem with "Comtrol Panel" icon

    I`ve got a problem yet again.This time it is minor but i,m nt getting rid of it.
    Actually I installed Style XP & used some of the visual styles & themes but now i wanna get back to the default Win Xp theme.
    I`ve got everything back except 2 of my icons. 1.Control Panel icon 2.Printers & Fax icon.
    There might be any others also but all seemed to perfectly all right to me except that.These two icons were chasnged into the old Win 98 icons of Control Panel & Printers & Fax..
    Now i wanna regain the orignal default Win Xp icons for these .Please tell me how can i do it.
    Muhammad Irfan

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    Don't know if you've tried this.You probably have.

    Right click the desktop and select properties.On the themes tab select either "Windows XP" or "Windows Classic" and click apply.
    You might need to reboot to let the changes take effect.

    You could also try a system restore.

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