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Thread: Outlook Express 6 moving slowly

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    Outlook Express 6 moving slowly

    When closing out of Outlook Express6, it takes quite a while to close....noticing it is slowing down. So, I want to empty out a greater portion of the 13,000 emails in my inbox and move them to another folder. What is the best way to do this? I can make a new folder in OE, I just need to know the best method of moving messages from one to another....

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    I personally dont use OL express but in office outlook you can archive by date,person, subject. That might be something to look into. also you can create several pst's and organize it that way so they are off the mail server.

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    1. Use the "Delete" button.

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    yeah i agree, 13000 emails is way too much... there must be a pretty good reason to have so much concrete in the archive!

    Definitely Phish's idea to archive into separate pst files according to user information would be the best start. Else, just copy the whole pst file to a new HD, and then start OE with a clean identity and try to follow the 7 best practices !

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