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Thread: 2003 Sbs

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    2003 Sbs

    System is toast, re-installing. Quesetion, the system I am re-installing presentley has 12 users/computers. After re-installing and creating the usera and computers again will this delte their present profile?

    Asking to see is their another way to not have to import PST files. Home folder will be re-directed so thats no problem. Network shares, they will be given the same permissions again manually.

    Will computers have to re-join domain? Yes right? using \\DC\connectcompter?

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    Yes it will delete their profiles, as it acts as tho you are creating a new domain, also their User SIDs wont match and will become corrupt.

    I think you can run the file and setting transfer wizard on each client PC before running the connectcomputer command... this should create a package that you can then 'extract' when you've finished connecting...


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    The backups you set up in SBS can be restored after loading Disk 1 and it will come back pretty much how it was with all the mail etcetera at that point.
    I'm using Windows 7 - you got a problem with that?

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