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Thread: OpenGL on Vista

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    Question OpenGL on Vista

    Taken from Wikipedia:
    According to a Microsoft blog, there are three choices for OpenGL implementation on Vista. An application can use the default implementation, which translates OpenGL calls into the Direct3D API and is frozen at OpenGL version 1.4, or an application can use an Installable Client Driver (ICD), which comes in two flavors: legacy and Vista-compatible. A legacy ICD, the kind already provided by independent hardware vendors targeting Windows XP, will disable the Desktop Window Manager, noticeably degrading user experience under Windows Aero. A Vista-compatible ICD takes advantage of a new API, and will be fully compatible with the Desktop Window Manager. At least two primary vendors, ATI and NVIDIA, are expected to provide full Vista-compatible ICDs in the near future. However, hardware overlay is not supported, because it is considered as an obsolete feature in Vista. ATI and NVIDIA strongly recommend using compositing desktop/FBOs for same functionality.
    What do you think about this?
    I have heard that a lot of games run much slower under Vista...
    And what about 3D software using the latest 2.x OpenGL specification??

    I've also read that Microsoft recently left the OpenGL Architecture Review Board (ARB)

    See also: OpenGL vs Direct3d

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    it sounds like another format war! Vista is definitely not a nice player with OpenGL software (GAMES)... I think M$ are definitely pushing DirectX 10 development!

    Its a case of wait and see, hopefully some clever coders make a breakthrough

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