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Thread: newbie quetion about mobile phones

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    newbie quetion about mobile phones


    i have been out of the league on phones and been into mp3 players.

    I am drooling over some of the features of these new phones...

    my question..

    can these phones still play and record video and mp3's without a phone company?

    can I simply use the memory card and use the phone as an mp3 players?

    phones have these features I want in one.

    5mp camera
    mp3 player
    video player
    speech recorder
    fm radio

    If you know that they do or have one that can please enlighten me


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    Im not sure, but most phone require a sim card to actually turn on? Checkout the Sony-Ericsson Walkman range... they are aimed at MP3 devices with phone capabilities Surely these should be able to work as a stand alone music device.

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