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Thread: Can't run flash content

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    Can't run flash content

    I don't know is it a virus or some wrong settings but it has made me unable to run/see any flash content on my browser.
    I was using IE-6 & then I upgraged to IE-7 Beta (which i,m currently using) to solve the problem but it is not resolved.
    When I tried to download the Flash Player from the Adobe site, I was unable to do so as the download was never able to start.
    I got the Flash Player on a CD from a friend, installed it but nthing improved.
    The sites having flash content show a white area instead of showing the flash clip & when I right click in that area, the only option I get is " About Flash Player 9".
    I've scanned my system for any virus by using McAfee (updated definitions) but found nthing.

    Please help me.......How can I sort it out.
    Muhammad Irfan

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    are you running any spyware detection software?

    Also you say you are using IE7 beta. IE7 is now in Final and has been for a while now.

    IE7 Final

    Flash Player 9

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    Also check on the adobe website for the flash un-installer utility.. it will remove any corrupted files... then run the installer again to make a fresh start.

    But do this after installing the latest FINAL version of IE7 as Rev suggested.

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