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Thread: SAM Linux 2007 is out

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    SAM Linux 2007 is out

    SAM Linux Desktop, a live and installation CD based on PCLinuxOS, is an easy-to-use, fast and clean XFce Linux desktop for home users. The distribution is enhanced by several popular non-free applications, such as Macromedia Flash plugin, Java and RealPlayer.

    SAM comes with the latest Xfce4.4 desktop, support for more than 20 languages out of the box, Beryl/Xgl, and contains a complete home desktop with Office, Internet, Games, Multimedia, Graphics, System, Security/Rescue-Software and nice additions like Wine, Flash 9 and Java as well as Realplayer. Now it is possible to boot from a USB stick using the CD as start medium, and the export of the "home" folder to an USB flash device is back on the LiveCD.
    This is a real nice disto, those interested in XFce should give it a try

    SAM Linux Home

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    that looks really good FG... how much is similar to PCLos? i.e. will PCLOS come with that fancy desktop and apps?

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