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Thread: Dual Hard Drives when installing Windows XP

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    Angry Dual Hard Drives when installing Windows XP

    I had windows 98 running on a 10GB hard drive and prior to adding Windows XP I added a 80GB hard drive. Windows XP installed on the 80GB hard drive (Drive D). I want to eliminate the small hard drive, but if I remove it the system will not boot up. How can I eliminate the small hard drive. I do not need Windows 98.

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    Sounds like to me that you may need to change your priority in which drives are loaded first from cmos.
    Check your drives jumpers settings so that your 10 gig is now the slave and your new 80 gig is set as the master (this will now make it your C:/ drive as you are no longer needing win98). Check your cmos settings as under "Standard Cmos Settings", to ensure that both drives are reconized.
    Check the order of each drive and ensure that your prefered one is set on top as master.
    Then move to your "Advanced Bios Features" and set your first/second/third boot to ensure that your C:/ drive is one of the 3.
    Hit the F10 key and ensure that you save your changed cmos settings before exiting
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