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Thread: Messages stuck in OE outbox, never get sent out!

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    Messages stuck in OE outbox, never get sent out!

    (winXP Pro; OE 6.0; IE 6.0; Dell Dimension XPS T450MHz Pentium III; Symantec AV Corp. Edition; spybot S&D; ad-aware; spyware blaster; cable modem.)

    Hello, hopefully someone migh've experienced this?

    My mgs remain in the outbox and never get sent out. I did try all kinds of things including my server deleting then reinstating my account, and assuming the outbox is corrupted, I renamed then deleted the old one to no avail. Do you think that maybe the "Sent Items" folder is the one that's corrupted, and should I also rename/delete this folder as well? Will appreciate immensely any other suggestions...

    Because the MS OE forum is supposed to be specialists in OE problems, I registered but couldn't post, however I could enter "Replies" so I "hijacked" one of the replies to ask "why?" and was told to get rid of popup blocker. I did...but still couldn't enter. Anyone by chance knows why???

    Anticipating my BIG thanks! Adela

    P.S. It seems at each step I take to solve ONE obstacle appears and end up by starting yet ANOTHER project to fix...Sigh!

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    Open Outlook Express and go to Tools > Options. On the General tab uncheck "Send and receive messages at startup". Click Apply.

    Now try and re-send them.

    There are some other possible solutions here:MS Knowledge Base 262052

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