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Thread: MAJOR problems with explorer (not IE)

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    The other day I installed Audio Surgeon shareware. Since then my explorer is acting up. Everytime I use a Windows short cut which uses the windows key on my keyboard (like Win+E for Windows Explorer), the start menu bar locks up and works only if I close Explorer from the Ctrl+Alt+Del menu, but then too if I try the same shortcuts, the problem occurs again.

    Also my system has generally become slower and less reliable since this incident. Also I cannot open some Office files by Double clicking, it has no effect. I have to manually open the app and then the file. Also Photoshop refuses to open.


    I've tried reinstalling windows and running things like scandisc, Norton Anti Virus (with the latest update), getting all the windows critical updates....but nothing has worked.

    I have a P4 1.7, 256mb RAM and A TNT2 gfx card.
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    hello koinek:

    welcome to techzonez

    i couldnt find audio surgeon
    do you mean mp3 surgeon?

    i would goto
    and download ad-aware and check for spyware that hijacks your browser

    post your results and we'll find the next step


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    Already tried that.
    No effect.

    I've now installed XP but as I said my thread in the other forum, I still need to use Win 98 from time to time for my Studio MP10 card.

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    First you should install windows 98 making sure to format your drive first, just put in a windows 98 boot disk, restart your PC, then type format C:
    Then once you have it cleanly installed, run all the updates, get the OS set the way you want it.
    Then I suggest you to install windows XP, on a second partition or HDD. Do not upgrade or over write the current OS, or Drive. For example: In drive C: you will have windows 98, and in drive D: you will have windows XP. This will create a dual boot system allowing you to have the best of both worlds.
    I also suggest to you not to install that audio surgeon or Mp3 surgeon, as it appears to be incompatible with your OS, or your setup. Try to find a substitute program.
    Further, I might recommend you to sell your Studio MP 10 card and upgrade to an XP compatible hardware, just to save you some future troubles.

    Hope that helps, and welcome to techzonez.

    By the way I saw your posting on driverforums, and I too looked for a driver for your Studio MP 10 card, but it would appear that that card is discontinued and will no longer be supported by pinnacle..

    Might I ask if you can get it installed in XP at all? Does it show up in the device manager?
    Just wondering.
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