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Thread: Website Adverts [FIXED]

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    Website Adverts [FIXED]

    Hi to all,

    Please pardon me asking this, as I think I must be doing something major wrong here somehow.
    Because I don't fully understand, about how I go about putting an advert code into my Home Page.
    And when I have asked for help from Byethost about it, I keep getting put back to the coding page.

    I have a website hosted by Byethost and I keep getting strange blue hyperlinks popup from certain words on my webpages.
    I was told that this is because of the forced adverts on my website, which i have to have because of the free hosting.
    This i do understand, but i was led to believe that if i designed an advert into my web page, then the blue hyperlinks would stop.
    I have asked on the Byethost forum about it, and they said to design the advert at the footer of my Homepage.
    Into the main part of the page by using the code on this page for the 468x60 pixel advert.

    I have made up a page index1.html here - with the way that I thought the coding should be entered.
    But all I see is the box I made and the coding being shown in it.

    My Byethost forum post is here -

    The page for the 468x60 advert coding is here -

    Sorry for asking this, but the blue hyperlinks are bugging me at the moment.
    And i can't work out how to put the code in the main part of the page, to stop that from happening.


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    I think this has been solved now, with thanks to the Byethost staff.
    As it was the Frontpage 2002 program and my inexperience that caused the problem.
    Because when i did a Copy/Paste of the coding, for some reason it was altered into this.

    language="JavaScript"&gt;<BR>| rsi_pub =
    '98B8016B64B1A361A705EC2C52CB4B12';<BR>| rsi_site =
    '3028E0C6007BD31CC442DB44B772F20F';<BR>| rsi_label='baby';<BR>| rsi_width =
    '468';<BR>| rsi_height = '60';<BR>| rsi_color_border = 'ffffff';<BR>|
    rsi_color_cell = 'ffffff';<BR>| rsi_color_link = 'ff9966';<BR>| rsi_color_text =
    '000000';<BR>| rsi_color_url = '808080';<BR>&lt;/script&gt;<BR>&lt;script


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