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Thread: Top 5 OS X Style Dock Replacements for Linux

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    Top 5 OS X Style Dock Replacements for Linux

    Why lie about it? Linux right out of the box is lacking style. Even with the new Ubuntu and Linspire packages, people look at Linux as a Legacy Operating system because itís style looks like something that Al gore would have used 20 years ago. They say clothes make the man, and I think that style supplements an operating system.

    To get things started, we are going to review the top 5 dock replacements that are out there, to make your Linux system look amazing! Iíve done quite a bit of research, and these are the top 5 OS X style Dock Replacements.
    I don't know about "Linspire" but Ubuntu needs something

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    People wouldn't complain about Ubuntu if they had seen or used Solaris 10 in the "Common Desktop Environment"!

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