(winXP Home SP2; OE 6; IE 6; Dell Dimension XPS T450MHz Pentium III; AVG; spybot S&D; ad-aware; cable; WordPerfect8; Lexmark Laser printer "Optra E310")

Hello, I have 3 Identities in Outlook Express for which I wish to create 3 separate address books - one for each identity.

I know contacts have accumulated in each identity but I can't use many of these because either I don't want them on my list, or they don't care to be on it. They are just casual email exchanges.

My Question: After I hopefully learn how to create my 3 address books, is it possible to also KEEP those contacts spontaneously created by OE, separately from the address books? This way I'll keep them only as reference.

Thanks very much for the steps I should follow. Adela