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Thread: Win 98 and Active Desktop

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    Question Win 98 and Active Desktop

    Hello again all

    What's the deal with Active Desktop in Win98 and SE? I've got lots of customers getting that annoying white screen when starting up and even I get it. I've turned mine off PERMANENTLY! Its not important.......since I'm not into bells, whistles, colors, pictures of my dog, etc,..... lol

    Any ideas what causes this and is there a fix?


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    when i used win98 i turned the active desktop off

    it actually slows the bootup and i found it useless for my needs

    it crashed when i used it so the best bet is to goto windows update and get everything
    also get the latest drivers for your motherboard

    alot of the crashes come from spyware so i would scan for that

    it helps for a week until the customer clicks on a gator file and the computer turns into an ad server

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