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Thread: Battery doesn't kick in on Unplug??

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    Battery doesn't kick in on Unplug??

    Found this on a forum the other day

    Miranda asks "Does anyone else have this problem? I just bought it and when I unplug it, it just shuts down like there was a power outage the battery never takes over! Is there a setting I need to change or is the battery on this one bad? Need to know if I need to send it back hope not."

    Miranda answers "k um yeah nvm didn't know u had to put the battery on it ROFL hahahaa de de de haha well good for a laugh I guess, spruce up this old forum. ROFL"

    Mshapiroscw says "Battery? What battery? I thought this was a desktop replacement, not a flashlight."

    WillyWanker says "You mean I can't get AM/FM with this model??"

    This can be found at Everex's Forums

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    I would have thought the battery comes standard already inserted? It's been ages since i bought new...

    Anyway.. after reading the 7800GTS doesnt work thread, it doesnt suprise me other quirky finds...

    LOL, AM/FM radio...

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