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Thread: Outlook Files=No transfer back to Outlook

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    Outlook Files=No transfer back to Outlook


    For a clean & restore of WinXP, I saved my *.PST inbox file from Outlook. I later wanted to bring this 46MB file back into Outlook. I access the file via "File->Open->Outlook Data File"; However, I can't get the file back into Outlook, even though I've done this many times before. The 46MB file shows "0 bytes" in outlook, even though the file itself is 46MB.

    Is the *.PST file corrupted? Seemingly this is not very unlikely since files I previously transferred, I was unable to xfer back into Outlook.

    Comments? Thx!

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    It does sound like either the file is corrupt or Outlook needs to be repaired. If you have another system for testing, try to import the file there and see what happens.

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    Where did you save it to? If it was an NTFS partition you may need to take ownership of the file, then use file import in OUTLOOK to import the data. When you install outlook and open it a new file is created. You can also use other programs like Thunderbird to extract data from the file.
    I'm using Windows 7 - you got a problem with that?

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