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Thread: New to Linux

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    New to Linux

    I'm looking to empty on of my drive partitions so I can install a second OS, where should I start?

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    Their are many versions or distributions of Linux. That makes it hard to recommend a single version to someone. Here is a pretty complete list of Linux versions.

    My suggestion would be to try a couple live distributions. A live distribution is one that does not have to be installed. Just put the disk in the CD-ROM and it will start. Knoppix, Sante Fe, and Ubuntu have live distributions. This will give you a look at linux without having to make major changes to your system.
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    Like efc said, Lots of Distros have "Live" cds. You can boot your system up to them and check 'em out without installing. This helps to give you an idea of what you might like. As for me, I've installed and uninstalled many different ones up to now. OpenSuse is cool as well as most others, but depending on how you like your desktop to look You might look at Linux Mint - Bianca also. It's an Ubuntu derivative but kinda pretty.

    The thing about Linux is that it gives you many choices. Sometimes way too many choices. Like an alcoholic goin to a liquor store...You just look and look and look and look...You get the idea. Most have all the same otions just presented in different ways. Another fine one is PCLinuxOS.

    Check 'em all out!

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    Like said, try LiveCd's which you can also install if you like.

    Gnome desktop try LinuxMint or Ubuntu
    KDE desktop try PCLinuxOS or MEPIS

    IMO thats a good start

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    Yep, I'm starting out with LiveCDs ... PCLinux is great... we have Ubuntu at work, so im trying to get used to the Gnome interface... a little confusing at first, but grows on you.

    I do like the look of LinuxMint

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