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Thread: Installing XP With Broken PS/2 Port

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    Installing XP With Broken PS/2 Port

    I have an old computer that I am trying to reformat. When I get to "press any key to boot from CD", it won't work cause I'm using a USB mouse. It just boots into Windows. When I try plugging in a PS/2 keyboard it doesn't work (in the mouse port either). I need to do a fresh install, but if I can't hit a button to boot from CD then I don't see how I can do this. I made the CD-ROM the first boot device and all other boot devices disabled.

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    I would try and use a usb to ps2 converter. very common part and should be able to pick it up at any local pc shop.

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    you might try looking at your computer spare parts drawer if you have may be that you already have one there(quite often they are green in color).

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    I already tried that, as well as a regular PS/2 keyboard. The port is broken.

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    Most newer systems have "Legacy USB Support" built into the bios. This setting allows the machine to load support for USB devices, i.e. keyboards, mice, etc. earlier in the boot process. Depending on the age of the computer it may not have that option. If this is the case then you may not be able to do what you are wanting since the PS/2 ports aren't working.

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    Can you remove the HD from the boot order?! i.e. make only 1 device bootable (CD)

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