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Thread: Stop Error after connecting to network

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    Stop Error after connecting to network

    Hi, I inherited a sick pc with numerous trojans etc. I think I got it mostly cleaned up. It will boot fine in normal mode but when I plug in the network cable it gives a blue screen Stop Error with a memory dump. Any idea what could be causing this?

    Compaq Prosignia - P3 - Win2k SP4



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    Gosh and it does not tell you a name of any files? It took me forever to find out about the Performance Level icon to adjust the Virtual memory vs. the Real memory (ram). Go to Control panel to the System icon. Then the Advanced settings tab. Then then PL. It is recommended per my brother who came over and the internet to set your virtual memory number at 150% of the real memory. It should recommend it correctly. My total ram is a tad over 512 so it recommeded 766 mb. Check out the CPU % screen after you change it for fun and it does act differently. I suddenly could play FarCry on the highest settings but Ive already mastered the game to death. For some reason it was set at 1400 mb.

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